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Founded on the idea that everyone regardless of funding source or insurance, has a right to receive quality services, we believe in a boutique approach where quality, and individualized services is our foremost objective. Our commitment to quality means that we purposely maintain a small team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to you, and your family.

Our Mission

To provide boutique, high quality services and support programs to individuals, children, families, and businesses.

Technologically Advanced

We provide supplemental services via HIPAA and HITECH compliant telemedicine system as part of our commitment to be always available when you need us the most.

William Klein, M.Ed, BCBA

William is a Nationally Board Certified Behavior Analyst, fully bilingual in the English and Spanish language, Adoption Competent Provider, Certified First Aid Mental Health by the National Council for Behavioral Health, Certified Crisis Worker by the American Association of Suicidology, former Guardian Ad Litem for the 11th Judicial Circuit, with specialties: in child welfare, mental health disorders, developmental and neurological disabilities, substance abuse treatment, education, sociology, anthropology, gerontology, academic assessment and intervention, caregiver training, organizational/staff training, and business consulting. William's expansive, and diverse knowledge coupled with years of experience positions Klein Behavior Analysis with ability to serve a wide array of needs, with quality, and expertise.

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  • Applied Behavior Analysis ("ABA")
  • Behavior Analysis services for mental health disorders, developmental disorders, and neurological disorders
  • Services for Autism and Developmental Disorders
  • Telemedicine Services
  • Behavior Analysis Training for parents, families, case managers, individuals, and organizations.
  • 40 Hour Training for the Registered Behavior Technician credential offered by the BACB
  • Behavior Analytic Life Coaching
  • Business Consulting -Organizational Behavior Management ("OBM")

Accepted Payment

  • Florida Medicaid (All HMOs and Plans)
  • CMS Title 21, CMS Title 19, CMS Medicaid
  • Children's Medical Services
  • Cigna Behavioral Health
  • Cigna- OCPS (Orange County Public Schools)
  • Orlando Behavioral Administrators in conjunction with Florida Hospital
  • Voluntary Prekindergarten Special Instruction Service (VPK - SIS)
  • Community Based Care of Central Florida Preferred Provider
  • The Gardiner Scholarship (formerly Personal Learning Scholarship Account)
  • Creative Commons License

    Behavior Analysis

    What is it?

    Applied Behavior Analysis, also known as “ABA”, or Behavior Analysis, is the evidenced based natural science utilized to assist individuals to learn new, or increase existing, functionally equivalent replacement skills directly related to existing challenging behaviors. Challenging behaviors include those behaviors exhibited by the individual that pose risk of harm to the individual or others, and/or interferes with an individual's daily functioning.

    Not Only For Developmental Disorders

    Behavior Analysis is not limited to only developmental disorders, it includes but is not limited to treatment for individuals with traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, mental health disorders, and substance use. Many times individuals that have not responded successfully to traditional talk therapy, have responded with significant improvements via the behavior analytic treatment approach. Similarly, Behavior Analytic Life Coaching utilizes a varying approach while maintaining the applied behavior analytic foundations.

    What Do Services Include?

    Behavior analysis includes the assessment, design, implementation, and evaluation of systematic environmental variables that assist in understanding an individual’s behavior and to produce significant change in the individual’s behavior that is socially meaningful and assist the individual function as independently as possible.

    Behavior analysis uses direct observation and measurement of an individual’s behavior and environment to identify contextual factors, conditions influencing motivation, stimulus events occurring prior to behavior, as well as reinforcement and other consequences that affect these practical changes in behavior.

    The services are designed to facilitate ongoing changes in the individual’s environment, the interactional styles of caregivers, family , significant others, friends, and the contingencies for the individual’s behavior provided by other people in order to make lasting improvements in the individual’s behavior. Training for parents, caregivers, and all relevant persons in the individual's environment is integral to the implementation of a behavior analysis treatment plan as is the monitoring of procedural integrity and program effectiveness.

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